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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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happy fourth of july, 5:00 o'clock in the morning a lot of people heading down the shore, threat from hurricane arthur, however is looming and as you can keep your family safe in the water. last night's storm left a path have of destruction. check out this, a toppled tree right under a car and our jen freddie's live checking out the the damage. caitlin roth is standing by with the holiday forecast. >> we're off to a stormy start for most of us, we will have rain today in the forecast but we will clear out for fire works and rest of the weekend. threats still lumen they sun comes out. i'll explain, coming up. >> all right. >> yeah, what is up with the dog and the statue, that is
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coming up in the trend. >> how sweet. >> it is friday, the fourth of july, so we are so happy you are waking up early and joining us on this day. we'd like to know what you are doing tweet us and use that are tag fox 29 holiday plan. they have change because we have had changes with the weather. we are in the calm spot with the weather. good morning chris murphy. >> good morning, karen? but we will get more rain on the way. >> two different systems. we had one from last night caitlin that gave us more storms, lightening and then another one coming from the other direction which is arthur. >> that is right, hurricane arthur moving up the north carolina, virginia coastline right now and that is expected to come into play in the next couple of hours. it is still bringing some rain showers to parts of the area mainly towards our south. now, looking at ultimate doppler there is arthur. obviously spinning as a category two hurricane off shore of the outer banks and bringing some heavy rain as far north and parts of the dell marv, southern peninsula of maryland you can see lightening, that is expect to
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slowly move north east ward. showers filling in north and west of philadelphia and that is overall trend, everything filled in. steady rain lancaster to allentown. light showers from central, upper montgomery and bucks county. down the shore we are seeing showers last hour that dwindled, rain will fill back in later this morning. there is heavy rain approaching salisbury, ocean city maryland and approaching delaware beaches probably also within the next hour. we have a flash flood watch in effect until noon time, but heavy rain threat is going to be south and east of here. seventy-four outside right now but 60's showing up towards the north but it looks like a much more comfortable day. we won't rise too much from our morning low temperature as cooler, dryer air move through. visibility, looks pretty good. we had reports of fog down the shore with the departing rain and in lancaster rain is falling lower but nothing that should be too problematic this morning. your fox cast for today rain this morning giving way to late day sun. we will clear west to east.
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much prettier looking late day but it will be windy. northwest wind will gust over 30 miles an hour at times. if you are heading outside on the parkway or taking in the fire works this evening, it is cooler, more comfortable, it is breezy too and temperatures will fall back down in the 60's but we should get fire works off with no problems in the city and down the shore where we have had cancellations at least it will stop raining later in the day. that is your fox cast for your friday, your fourth of july forecast, lets move to the traffic authority, upper pike creek road that is closed and due to the down pole between linden hill road and paper mill million road, your ultimate is holy drummond road. no confirmation from the down pole but probably from the storms last night. septa has mass transit lines operating on a sunday schedule. keep that in mind using septa today. expect delays on the bus routes as there are detours due to the parade this morning. regional rails operating with late night schedule and patco
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running every 20 minutes today and saturday due to the holiday weekend, chris. >> all right. lightening lit up the sky over city hall as stormy weather moved through our area as caitlin mentioned this power outages as a result. we will give you a quick run through. peco about 54,000 outage is still in effect. pse and g says there are 600 outages in new jersey. del marva reporting 7500 in new castle county, karen. lets check with jen fred. she's looking at the damage from the storm last night. jen, you are roving around, what do you see right now. >> reporter: we're right here near west chester university on south new street, in west chester, chester county. here's what we are beginning to see. we are starting to see over here like on one side of the road there is very little power. we are coming out of the west chester university area. i have to tell you that the university area and homes all around there and as we wind our way down there is power
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but down and around some areas of south new street we are seeing that the power quite frankly is out. one of the photographers the the amazing michael with me this morning he came from this area this morning. this is west chester university stadium area. as you can see it is all lit up, power, streetlights, everything is still here but farther down is where the power goes out. we will take you there. here's the thing, the good news is, that the power companies that the road crews are being very, very quick to respond to reports of the trees that are down. there was a tree down just about two hours ago around 3:00 a.m. and that tree has already been moved. so here you see we are right on the corner of stadium road and south new street and this is where it gets very, very dark. this is where some of the power outages are. it is not a remote area to say, but certainly not super populated like downtown west
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chester. however, if you live in this area, if you live along this road i'm quite sure you are wondering when the power is going to be back on. so again just about two hours ago there was a hugetree, down this area,and this is not the case anymore. again we want people on twitter and facebook to tell us where the damage still is. good news overall, it is good news, guys. >> good news. >> jen, thanks very muc we have a note, chester says their annual fourth of july walk/run scheduled at 7:00, they have decided they will cancel that and reschedule. that we will bring you a lot the more of those and bring them to you. people in the northeast are wondering for how long the crews will take to clean up the damage. jen has been reporting they een doing a good job. thinks newtown avenue, tree in half, damaging part of the roof and fence on a home. right next door there is a mother that says she was just going out to her car with the the two-year old when the tree came down on top of that vehicle. >> it sounded like a big bomb.
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>> she was screaming like crazy, you know, i just grabbed her and went to the bathroom. >> heavy rain and wind took down a lot of power lines. at one point we had 118,000 folks and now we are down to 50 some. houses were without power overnight. >> lets stay with the weather here because arthur has strengthened to a category two hurricane. arthur is first named storm of the the atlantic hurricane season. it made land fall in north carolina with wind up to 100 miles per hour, that forced thousands of residents to evacuate. arthur is expect to weaken as it moves up the east coast, that is good news for us here in the philadelphia area we will have much more live report from kill devil hills north carolina in a few minutes. first, new jersey shore authorities want to warn people about going into the water, jennifer joyce now down the shore in ocean city with
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the word to the wise, good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, chris, that is right rip currents are an issue down here. i'm standing in the cloud of fog not the prettiest of mornings here at ocean city, where we are seeing off and on rain and the surf has already intensified because of hurricane arthur. the ocean city beach patrol says, as of yesterday, waves were two to 3 feet higher than normal. concern is these rip currents. they are expect to be strong these afternoon as the storm moves up the coast. mark jamison with the ocean city beach patrol says there are three ways to spot a rip current. for one you'll notice discolored water flowing against the grain of the ocean. you may see a flat spot with a slick, oily look to it. there could be a white foam which is an indication that the the water is going out to sea. jamison warns these rip currents will be around this weekend and they will be turning a fun dip in the ocean into a very unpleasant, even
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dangerous situation. >> find ago lot on beaches with jetties and pipes and natural manmade structures that causes a hole. that the water exits out of the hole. if you go the two beach without a jetty or a pipe it will create a depth spot inside a sandbar and that is where it will exit. >> reporter: we spoke to parents out here the on the beach yesterday. they say they will be listening to life guards this weekend and if they are advised to stay out of the water, they will certainly follow those instructions. they do in the want to take any chances. the these warnings come just days after a 14 year-old boy was violently suck under water by a rip current here at the ninth street beach in ocean city and we did get word that codey hammond's body was recovered yesterday. certainly tough news, this holiday weekend. karen and chris. >> tough news and reminder of how dangerous those rip currents are right now, all right, jennifer, thank you. on a much lighter note, today is the day of celebration. final preparations are underway for the wawa welcome
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america concert right on the parkway. >> thinks where the world comes. we have the best party in the entire country. we will have have nickie menaj, jennifer hudson, who is on the good day show this morning and bound to be a wonderful time. concert is great. we have to take it seriously in terms of the security when we have this many people coming into a small area with the large crowd. we will have some new security measures this year to keep everybody safe, officials are not giving out all of the specifics but there are some things thaw can do to make their job a whole lot easier. >> as far as security, obviously, clear bags, stay away from the coolers, stay away from things that we cannot see inside, those kinds of things we don't need because it will help us and it will tax our ability to sit back and get some stuff done. >> officials say you can expect additional security cameras on the parkway today but their locations will be, secret. speaking of secret, and security, oh, yeah, vice-president joe biden will
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celebrate the fourth of july right here in philadelphia. >> he will participate in the celebration have of freedom ceremony at independent hall, the annual event includes all kinds of fun things, music, speeches, readings from excerpt from the declaration of independent. today's ceremony will recognize the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act and 60th anniversary of the supreme court decision to end school segregation. >> we have all kind of of dignitaries today including secret service. caitlin ross, how will weather cooperate, timing looks good for fire works, right. >> it does, mess of the party should be fine, i think most noticeable thing is how breezy it will be but how comfortable. we have had three days in a row, we will see a break even though it means a a little rain. we have thunderstorms as well. temperatures in the upper 70's. rip current risk is high. jenny joyce reporting all morning. she has a few first hand but this risk is bringing swells to four to 5 feet. do not go in the ocean today, loud i weather but throughout
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the weekend we expect that rip current risk to remain high. this is because of arthur as it moves out to sea, it will cause rough choppy ocean water. here's what happen, rip current from the shore on ward will pull you right out and tip that we usually say most important thing if you do feel like you get caught, don't panic, swim parallel to the shore, and only when life guards on duty. you will see red flags throughout the the rest of the holiday weekend. that is a look at your forecast. lets get to traffic where we have been talking about some of the scheduled closures due to all of the independent day activities. ben franklin parkway scheduled to be closed from 11:00a m today to 11:00 p.m. expect lane closures to continue into saturday. also road closures beginning at 10:00 a.m. due to the independent day parade at the intersection of sixth and chestnut street and end at the intersection of front and market street, karen. >> thanks, caitlin. hurricane arthur made land fall already, now it is moving up our way up the companies. how people in north caroline
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air fairing. we will have a live report air fairing. we will have a live report from there
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welcome back. happening rightnow first hurricane of the season has made land fall, arthur is a category two storm with wind of at least a hundred miles an hour. also arthur is battering north carolina's outer banks, fourth of july plans are being scrapped, moved or change or postpone instead have of moving up our way. we've got michelle live in
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kill devil hills, north carolina oh, wow what a difference a day makes. you are really in the thick of it. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it is different from yesterday when i was enjoying the the niceness of the beach, and nice weather, but, right now, it is pretty calm from what we're expect nothing a little bit. this is kind of the eye of the storm here, calm before the storm. hurricane arthur made land fall a few hours ago and what this is, it is moving north east, so we are about to get the back end of the storm which will cause a lot of problems, win pieds up to a hundred miles an hour and then it whips around. since we are on the island barrier of the outer banks rehe, we are concerned not only about this ach behind me you can see a sand down here butn the oitppose e, of the island and hurranerth decides, to whip aunt wn a loofhe water, floodingstorm surn
5:17 am
thattheslan w already in hat race island yesterday, the i ndat evacuiorder. resident,acationers were forced to flee that area, and a lotf people already are without power, in sohernh carole cape hatteras islandhere a lotf for power outage damages of property ievililregion. pplst that we t to are justiding out the storm. there is a curfewight now from 12:00a m to 50a in m so that was just lifted. the governor pat mcqueary is warning people to be careful do not stupid hats he said styey just to be safe andtakestorm seriousl i'll tell you when i was over here on my live shot location, windwere bad, and i saw this guy trying to ride his bicycle down the street. he could barely ridet.
5:18 am
rnor's there.vice from the we are expecting this storm to move pretty fast, and a lot of people here too. th are hopin tha this will just whip around and by the end of the afternoon today it will be sunny and ople wl be able to enjoy a little bit of the fourth of july, guys, ba to you. >> that sounds great. michelle, back to you. good news for us it will take a right turn to the lantic before it hits us which is good news a judg deniesond for georgia dad accused of leaving his toddler in a hot car, to die, at thursday's court hearing many were stunned, justin ross harris faces murder and child cruelty charges after have leaving his 22 month-old son cooper bake nothing that car for seven hours. there is the dad, attorneysy had sending sexually explicit messages and pictures to as many as six different women. they say there was also evidence that he was evidently unhappy in his marriage. >> unhappy in his marriage and we plan to show th he wanted
5:19 am
to live a child free life or is there evidence to suggest that based on his internet searches. >> prosecutors revealed that harris and his wife, child's mother, had two life insurance policies on that boy. a philadelphia fire fighter is saving tife of the victim of abuse and torture. not so surprising. >> there is a nice interesting turn on this one. bruce gordon found out this victim arrived on four legs. >> reporter: philadelphia fire fighters ryan craig his fiance emily have a brand new foster pup , a three-year old, pit bull who, without ryan, would be dead right now. >> we kind of find ourselves in the the department of being pro active members of the community and taking care have the community and not everybody in the community walks on two legs. >> reporter: on mond, he hobbled in to craig's firehouse engine nine, ladder 21 on germtown avenue in mt. airy. the dog horrible hurt ran right in the captain's office. she needed help. she seemed to know where to find it.
5:20 am
fire fighters did what what they had to, called animal control and they took the dying dog in the shelter n her condition she had 48 hours to be adopted or be put down. >> i was just thinking there has got to go something to do. >> reporter: craig turned to go fund to plead for donations to get her the medical help that she so definite needed p less than a day raed more than $2,000. >> i was humled and awed by the power of social media the fact thaw can reach out and touch so many people. >> reporter: craig next turn to the rockledge veterinary clinic where the wife of the fellow fire fighter offered discounted help and a horrifying diagnosis. >> i think she was hung numerous times and they allowed other dogs to attack her, like a bait dog. she was tortured. she was totally put under: we had to clip and clean all of the wounds and clean the wound and flush them out and tidy up the wounds as best we could.
5:21 am
>> reporter: ryan had to convince emily to take in the mangled pit bull. it was an easy sell. >> i just started to cry. the fact that anyone would harm an animal is just so far beyond me. >> reporter: she remains on antibiotic and pain medication but her practicing necessary for a full recovery is good thanks to a fire fighter with a simple philosophy. >> pulling for the under dogs, quite literally. >> reporter: ryan and emily are fostering the dog for new but they have a lead on a permanent adoptive home. remaining go fund me donations will be used for the the dog's continuing medical care. a philly fire fighter saving a life by whatever means necessary. in the news room i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. bruce, thanks very much. 5:21 a.m. on this independent day. fire works forecast for you basically changing by the hour here in the city. lets take a look at your fourth of july, starting off damp. we have got morning showers
5:22 am
north and west, and down in southern delaware. they will move in later this morning. we've got the the wind and some rain and it will take us to noon. skies will clear as we hit 3:00p m. temperatures though not going to be too hot. we will get a nice break from the heat and humidity. later this evening we will see a high temperature of 79 degrees. it is cooler, breezy, wind gusting over 30 miles an hour at times. your fire works forecast looks very nice and comfortable, mostly clear at 9:00 p.m. 72 degrees, northwest wind, still gusting to about 20, 25 miles an hour. so starting with rain, and keeping the wind, and skies clear as we go through the rest of the day. that is a look at your fourth of july forecast here in the city of brotherly love. let's talk about some closures, because of the all of the events here in our fair city. kelly drive is closed between fountain green and strawberry mansion drive, this is due to the independent day regatta i saw them setting up all day yesterday along kelly drive. so, expect closures from 10:00a in m today to 6:00 p.m. sunday. your alternate is 76. route 30 is closed between
5:23 am
east taunton have avenue and berlin cross keys road. expect closures close between 11:30. to 8:30. several new jersey transit buses will be tea toward around this area, chris. all he wants to does play, why this dog was so frustrated with this statue in a park, coming up in the trend. when you enjoy the simplest and truest asking for nothing more than what you've got. look at your swimming pools. they'll never be enough. like your fancy watches and your big cars,
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welcome back. time for money news. after days of flirting with the 17,000 mark dow jones finally struck it for the first time. the government report aid big gain in hiring last month. employers added 288,000 workers in june. far more than economist were expecting. s and p500 rose ten, nasdaq grew 28. bad news for folks traveling for the holiday weekend. you want to get away but you will pay more when you go to the gas pump. it is highest level we have been paying for six years. nationwide average for gallon of regular is $3.66. in pennsylvania we pay more 3.77. delaware a galleys 3.63. in new jersey always the least, $3.57. take comfort in this in san diego they pay 60 cents more per gallon, nation's highest gas is typically there. >> yes. >> they have the nicest weather. >> they do all kinds of things with the gas too. facebook's chief operating officer says company is sorry
5:27 am
for manipulating users accounts in the huge secret study. >> now cheryl sandberg is a will guying for poor communication of the psychological experiment. two years ago facebook altered what kind of posts users found in their news feeds. company hoped to discover if negative post from his friends and pages led others to post negative things. it did. experiment involves about 700,000 users. sticks and foreigner rocked the susquehanna bank center last night despite their tour bus catching on fire and now they are giving back to the community. their self less act of of charity. this was insane. >> a local vet, blown away by a surprise home coming, what he thought was happening outside his window.
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>> reporter: well, dangerous rip currents are here as arthur moves its way up the coast, so beach patrol is warning people to be extra careful, karen. >> thanks, jenny. we have a lot of power outages right now. we had 118,000, and new we are down 50,000. so many. we are checking out all of the damage. of course, everybody wants to know about the fire works. what is happening with the parade? what is happening with our festivities. we will break that down all morning long. >> good day, it is friday, fourth of july, 2014.
5:31 am
we want to know what you are doing this holiday weekend, tweet us and use hash tag fox 29 holiday plan. we do have several, more than a dozen fire work postponements to tell but. first one in burlington county, medford township rescheduled to july 19th. >> best to keep it in new jersey. one of of the great haddonfield, wonderful town they have rescheduled there is until july 6th. >> ambler fire works rescheduled to july 5th, tomorrow night at 9:00 o'clock. more than a dozen. nearly a dozen we have put together. we will tweet some out for you and let you know what is going on. good news, caitlin is the in this area along the parkway, the fire works will go on. >> um-hmm, as they should, yes. >> because this rain will let up that we will see late this afternoon. >> and someone told me on twitter and reminded me. the rain is done by the time you hit 7:00 o'clock for basically everyone. but there does involve a lot of set up and getting these
5:32 am
fire works, together. so, of course that will be an issue late this afternoon where it is still raining in parts of the new jersey. otherwise, though, back home here, lets start off with bus stop buddy. he was wearing his world cup t-shirt as early as, whatever day they played, tuesday, but i had to break it out again because i wanted him to be on red, white and blue on this independent day with his fox 29 hat. umbrella on hand. not a pool day. temperatures in the 70's. we have showers around. it is dreary. thanks to the lingering cold front that brought us storms last night and there he is, hurricane arthur is still a category two, churning across the north carolina shoreline but it has already made a turn. i will zoom in a little bit. if you focus on the eye of the hurricane. that clear area in the center of the storm where it is rotating it has moved significant liz off shore. it has made its eastward pull and will continue to push off shore. that being said heavy rain bands are pushing as far north as the the del marva peninsula, salisbury, maryland we are seeing heavy rain right now.
5:33 am
that will fill in across southern delaware, eventually, south jersey n our area we have seen the storms last night. we are seeing rain north and west from lancaster county to the lehigh valley and the poconos. showers down the the shore are pretty minimal. here in the city we're getting a break but do i expect that to fill in over the next couple of hours. flash flood watch until noon today. although, flooding has not been a concern and i'm not so concerned of a concern here in the city. i don't think we will see heavy rain. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. win 10 miles an hour. they will increase as the the wind, from this storm will increase across the whole area. your fox cast for today, 79 degrees, much, much cooler. we have showers this morning giving way to late day sun, windy and cooler, and then tonight, a low temperature of just 61 degrees. that is your fox cast for the fourth of july. big day in this city. of course, it could be our biggest day of the year. we have a lot of closures and delay but we have our first extent in the morning to report on wheatly road this is near old wheatly road on the 76 overpass and is there another accident, on croton
5:34 am
road, near the 76 under pass. ben franklin parkway is scheduled to be closed from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for party on the parkway and expect road closures at 10:00 a.m., beginning at intersection of sixth and chestnut and end at the intersection of front and market. karen? >> thanks so much, caitlin. lets look at the lightening over city hall last night. severe weather moving through our area it is beautiful but so volatile and dangerous as well. the it creates so many power outages. the limbs coming down. the here's latest numbers. peco is report 54,000 outages, pse&g says they have about six hundred in new jersey. del marva has about 7500 in new castle county. so jen freddie's out and about down the shore looking at damage from last night's storm. jen, you ran into some areas. you are in chester county. you saw block after block in the dark from those outages. what are you seeing right now. >> reporter: you know, as we were leaving the west chester university neighborhood, you know, it is the university and
5:35 am
beautiful homes we did see lights coming on. we are heading out to route 322. we're near the again it valley schools that type of an area i can tell you this that the damage is really minimal. when we were over in the west chester university district area i did speak with the guy who runs with the fire department and he said, that overnight they did have some calls for down wires, down trees... and it was so minimal that they were able to get to having very, very quickly. the power is on. so basically we're relying on you guys to tell us where the damage is. back to you in the studio. we're in chester count which overall good news to report. >> that is good news especially on a day like today when so many people want to be out and b we appreciate it, jen, we will check back. >> let's go to the other jen, jenny joyce.
5:36 am
>> the big issue is the the rip tides. we cannot under state it, enough because you can the not expect them. it will be very volatile what does it look like down there right now. >> reporter: it is hard to see the the ocean because the fog is so intense. the conditions aren't the greatest but the same rip currents that claimed the the life of the four year-old boy last weekend, karen as were you referring to, they are expect to be even more intense this weekend. hurricane arthur is moving up the coast. ocean city beach patrol says as of yesterday, waves were two to 3 feet higher then normal. the concern again, these rip currents. they are expect to be the strongest, this afternoon, as it storm moves up the coast. mark jamison with the ocean city beach patrol says there are three ways to spot a rip current. for one you will notice discolored water flowing begins the grain of the ocean. you may see a flat spot with a slick or oil look to it. lastly there could be a white foam which is an indication that the water is going out to
5:37 am
sea. jamison warns that these rip currents will be around this weekend and they can easily turn a fun dip in the ocean into a very you been pleasant and dangerous situation. >> it is scary if i was knock over. >> life guards say do not go in the water, then we're not going in the water. >> reporter: you just heard from two people said they will be listening to the advice of the life guards, because it is, it is a very scary situation especially if you are not the familiar with the ocean and being down here on a regular basis. beach patrol says that because waves are bigger people might be entice todd venture out and test the the surf, that is not a good idea. again for people not familiar with rip currents they could be a hidden danger that you do not even realize until it is too late. again, people are urged to be extra careful. they are also urged to stay in the shallow areas of the water, not to be going out there too far against the advice of these life guards. just something you want to be careful with, if you are
5:38 am
coming down to the beach, as the weather is not the greatest but i'm sure the the people being fourth of july, will still want to come out here and get a little bit of beach time here. >> reporter: we showed video from yesterday that we shot down the shore and it was really windy. right now, we can tell from your hair it is not that windy but foggy instead. >> reporter: foggy, humid, i'm sure you can see that from my hair as well. >> no. >> reporter: winds are not so bad down there. i heard caitlin say that maybe the wind will be picking up down here, later as the storm gets closer. i think right now it is still too far away. just kind of some nasty, yucky conditions down here right now. >> nonetheless, keep smiling, you are doing a great job, thanks. >> thanks, jenny. city of camden honoring men and women who served our country. we will tell you about the festivity there and elsewhere. >> and what has this dog so darn frustrated with this st
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happy fourth of july, to all of you. if your vacation plans took you down south, you are dealing with hurricane arthur which made land fall as a category two hurricane off the coast of the carolinas. it has made eastward turn and beginning to accelerate moving out to sea but still bringing heavy rainfall to virginia beach. now moving in the southern dell marv, salisbury getting heavy rain and that will fill in across southern delaware, probably within the next hour or so. we saw our round of rain last night. here are some more showers that are filling in all across
5:42 am
or north and western suburbs. we have rain from lancaster, reading, allentown, in the poconos, very light showers across bucks, montgomery, and they are down in delco where we're seeing a shower right there. down the shore we had some rain last hour, that has moved out. i probably would say, in the next few hours, you will start to see this heavy rain which is starting to move into southern delaware. so, the morning, into the noon time hour, that is when we have the threat for the biggest rainfall. and, 7:00 a.m. your future cast showing those more northern bands enhanced by arthur moving into delaware and the new jersey shore. we've got rain there just a lit built of rain here in philadelphia. i think by and large this system, well, just really didn't bring too much rain. we have a lot last night with the cold front and we have a lot the night before. we do clear out though as we go through the rest of your friday and that will give way to a pretty nice fire works forecast. that is your seven day forecast, let's move to the roads, wet, where we have, a check on traffic. it has been suspend ed until further notice due to the
5:43 am
weather related issues. the storms from last night. there are shuttles running from 30th street to the airport. septa has almas transit lines running on a sunday schedule and expect delays at the the bus route as they are detoured throughout the city due to the parade. regional rail operating with a special late night schedule as well, chris. how about this, caitlin, a local vet, really, really happy, after a surprise home local vet, really, really hayou can hide uneven skin tone from here. and here. but what about here?
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phillies finally won a game last night, first one in the week after a six game losing streak but they had help from the marlins. ninth inning phillies down four-three. florida scores. jimmy rollins bowses to second. it would only be a tie game. now four-four. chase utley up with one out, it could be a double play ball but second base man bobbles and gets one out. phillies win five -four. they break the streak. seventh fifth anniversary of the most famous speech in all have of sports, lou gehrig. >> today, i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. i might have have been given a bad break but i got an awful lot to live for, thank you. >> today on july 4th, 75 years ago. that is sports in a minute.
5:47 am
i'm howard eskin. als as we all know is known as lou gehrig's disease. murder trial of oscar pistorius has been adjourned until monday in south of africa. yesterday a sports physician testified that pistorius acted on a fight or flight impulse when he fired through a bathroom door killing his girl friend reeva steenkamp. prosecutors said he acted methodically because he had to locate his gun, then take it out, right out of the holster, and then, of course, fire those shots. welshing tragedy in before sill, overpass that is being constructed right now, collapsed killing two people. this happened in the the city helps continuing the world cup right now. collapse crush front end of the passenger bus, two tow trucks and another vehicle are also all smash. this overpass was one of the infrastructure projects, amid an improving brazil's transportation network ahead of the world cup but they never got the whole project finish in time. rock band sticks and
5:48 am
foreign are are saying thank new a big way after a fire minute extinguished their fire on their tour buses earl they're week. their bands say they will donate money from last night's show in camden to the philadelphia fire department local 22 widows fund. we first showed you this scene, this week and here it is, a fire on one of the buses spread to the other. two charter buses were parked in northern liberties when this happened. no be was hurt. the bands were up in new york. concert went on as plan without a hitch last night. 5:48. is there a dog pretty determined trying to play, he wants to play fetch with the statue and does not understand why the stranger does not pick up the stick...
5:49 am
>> yes, who is the guy shooting this. he sounds like harry carry at a cubs game. >> okay. >> also, let us see your fourth of july pride, show us your red, white and blue. tell us your holiday plans. are you up to anything good, fire works, parades, share with us, maybe coming down for welcome america, we will put those on television, we love cute pictures of your dogs, kids, friends with the red, white and blue. given all that just in time for fourth of july we hope you have a great hero's welcome. >> private first class the third is home, and he spent 11 months deployed in afghanistan. family and friend showed up in
5:50 am
his hometown of audubon, new jersey to say thank you for his service. jones had no idea what was going on. >> this was insane. i went outside. i saw something was going down outside. i saw cop cars and everything. i ran outside. i saw warrior's watch, behind him and it was breathtaking. >> gentlemen is a member of the national guard since 2012. he took time to thank those who served before him. so much is going on all over our community. specifically in camden. >> the city is honoring men and with men who serve our country with the second ever freedom festival. >> one, solute. nice job. >> former members of the military, shot guns from the bolt ship, new jersey yesterday. over the next few days fire works will light up the sky, live music will fill the air. you can also check out a mini hornet fighter jet and new jersey national guard hum vees. freedom fest will last through sunday and active military veterans and their families
5:51 am
will get a discount for that. >> so much fun. >> there are some changes because of the weather that we have been dealing with. we have had some post pope. s. >> we will start in camden, haddon township has rescheduled their fire works for tomorrow night july 5th. >> we have seen a lot of changes down the shore. in margate they have rescheduled to july 5th at 9:00. >> gloucester county, washington township has rescheduled to july 13th at 9:00 o'clock at night. >> lets get over to caitlin right now with the check of the forecast because that is the direction, some of our holiday plans, certainly for this day. >> it certainly has. we have been talking about it all week. and while right now there does than the seem to be much going on if you are here in fill awe are not seeing the rain. you are wondering what is going on. the rain is filling in across the area. and most of the activity was last night, so, they have just showery and damp to start you off today. your fourth of july forecast here in philadelphia, showers around this morning. winds increase by mid-morning. and at around 3:00 o'clock though, we have cleared out here in philadelphia rain may linger down the shore but there is not a heavy rain threat here. showers are gone by mid
5:52 am
afternoon. as we get ready to head to the parkway or fire works, 79 degrees. high temperatures. so much cooler then the past couple of the days. all of the stormy weather has broken the heat and humidity too. seventy-nine is the high temperature. by fire works time in the city, no need to do any cancellations, 57 degrees, mostly clear. down the shore by 9:00 o'clock you are clear too. it will just take a little bit longer for those clouds to filter on out. that is a look at your fourth of july forecast for philadelphia, we will have have your seven day straight ahead. but first to the roads, we have an accident on 76 westbound approaching 202. many people are not going to work but this could still cause some slow downs, we have the right shoulder block and right lane partially blocked. is there a down pole closing upper pine creek road, and this is between new london hill road and paper mill million road. the alternate is poly drum and hill rhode island. with a nickname like kaboom you have to live up to your name, right. the town that set off this fire works display does not
5:53 am
live up
5:54 am
5:55 am
this is addison texas known as kaboom town celebrating the fourth of july early. half million people turnout for one of the nation's biggest july 4th celebrations on evidently the third of july. thinks 30th year of the event, officials reportedly will start planning next years celebration next week. of course, there are a lot of
5:56 am
fourth of july activities you can attend right here in our area. >> so if all goes well we should have salvation army greater philadelphia leading off 184th annual independent day parade, sunday schools and churches in roxborough and manayunk. that parade is supposed to start at 9:00 this morning right at manayunk and lycomb avenue. the celebrations continue at the independent visitors center, starting at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon a five tear cake will be decorated throughout the day to celebration the nation's 238th birthday. betsy ross will help distribute the cake to the public, once the decorations are complete. also 1:30 this afternoon 13 children will be sworn in as america's new citizens, it is all part of the naturalization and freedom bell ringing ceremonies, it is going to be over at betsy ross house. thanks to family guy creator seth mcfar lane. >> do you remember that show as a kid.
5:57 am
>> in, i was just watching baseball all the time. kick starter campaign has reached its goal, and then some, how many millions of dollars were raised for this. >> also we have jenny gist just down the shore right now in ocean city. you will need to keep an extra close eye on your kids, jen. >> reporter: that is right, not the nicest of fourth of july mornings however, rain is in the the the biggest issue but it is rip currents as hurricane arthur moves up the
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
hurricane arthur is a category two bringing high wind, heavy rain and more evacuations. >> what will arthur mean for us as storm makes its way north, down the shore it means dangerous rip currents. we are live with how to keep your family safe in the water. even before the impact of the hurricane, thousands are still without power , right how after last nights round of the storms, knocked down trees and branches. we will track how long power will be on in our area. final preparations are now underway, for tonight's wawa welcome america concert and how you can help officials keep you safe tonight. a very happy fourth of july to you. >> happy independent day to you, chris murphy and everybody else joining. this is where the whole nation
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